Turtlenecks Will Rock Summer Days

                                                                              Felipe Espinal

The turtleneck look is taking this "Tween Blogger" into summer.  You may have seen me featured in the recent  article for www.popmania.com.  Nothing like seeing Gigi Hadid and other fashion icons wearing this look with their fav jeans and sneakers.  The look is polished, elegant, and it is one item that every tween should have in their closet.

Retro is back and this look is paying homage to the much loved 60's staple.  The style is glam and has returned in many different fabrics.  This winter I seized many fashion moments in my  black turtlencek, skinny jeans and rag and bone boots.  I also layered the look with flannels and colorful jackets.  My fav place to shop for them were at www.americanapparel.com  and www.topshop.com.

Now Summer is right around the corner and I dont have to think of them as cold weather items anymore.  Between the light fabrics and turtleneck crops I have many ideas for summer fashion fun.  Recently,  I rocked the sleevelees  look in New York with black jeans and my white Steve Maddens. It is a timeless piece that took way too long to make a comeback.  Fashionistas, this retro look is here to stay for  summer and beyond.

Rock the look Hipstahs, you won't regret it...