Flower Children Only- Kitty Crowns

Photography by Krissy Saleh

I can't let  2015 come to an end with out telling you about Flower Children Only.   Kitty ears have been the rage for many teenagers and women in 2015.  Ariana Grande kitty crown selflies have been adorable as well as Gigi Hadid sporting a pair of Meow Crown Green Ears  in her oh so amazing adidas outfit. Can you say obsessed?  Michelle Madonna has taken kitty and mouse ears to the next level.   Made out of beautiful roses, daisies, and sunflowers you feel like you are truly wearing a crown when wearing these hand made pieces.  I loved wearing my Meow Crown X-Mas Ears to a few holiday parties. My Meow Crown Black Ears have come in handy for many events and I have even worn them to dance classes.

This company is based out of New York . Every piece is unique and I must say that Michelle has become the Queen of the Kitty Crown.  Your closet is not the same without one of these accessories.

Take a hint  because Coachella is coming in 2016 and her Halos are amazing.  I can't wait for her to  custom design a Halo for one of my Coachella Days.   Shop the look at  www.flowerchildrenonly.com   and tell Michelle that  Larsen sent you. You can also visit her  on Instagram @flowerchildrenonly.

Peace Out Flower Babies,