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I am very excited to announce that I am a joining Poster Child as a guest blogger and contributor to focusing on brands, fashion, and style for tween girls.   I have shared all my Summer Favorites 2015. Please visit to view my first post.

Happy Summer,

The Cobra Shop

I have a secret and I am sharing it with you ….. can you hear me scream, "vintage Vintage VINTAGE".  Well, it's  here to stay whether it's an old Starwars R2d2 vintage backpack or a one of a kind  item from decades past.  The Cobra Shop owned by Mark Hunter carrys vintage items from his adventures around the world.  The new cobra custom items are unique and have been made by the Cobra Snake team in Los Angeles.   I love my new Cobra Snake white hoodie and have added this comfy sweatshirt to my closet.

All  items sold at  The Cobra Shop have been preloved so they may have some flaws or imperfections.  I picked up a crop top from the "Camp Beverly Hills " era and a couple of  Wildfox pieces.  Every item in this fashion filled store is unique and one of a kind.  I love the accessories, tattoo chokers, and alien t-shirts. 

I love my vintage 70's button down and my funky white platforms. Yes., the platform shoe fad from the 70's is back and I am embracing these shoes with new updated fashion trends.  The "sunnies"  from Crapeyewear make you feel old hollywood and they have a great selection to add to your sunglass collection.

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane from your own childhood or  find out what was popular when your parents were kids .  You can visit  The Cobra Shop at 1441 Highland Avenue in Los Angeles or visit their amazing website at .You will love it and tell them Larsen sent you….

Peace out Hipstahs.

Larsen Thompson Says

Taylor Hatala and I recently performed in Chicago so it was a great surprise when asked by owners John Cotay and Erikka Wang of Akira to visit their warehouse and model some of their amazing clothes.
Akira opened their first store in 2002 in trendy Wicker Park.  What was then a single storefront has now be transformed into more than 18 locations with a trendsetting fashion website .
You have to love the amazing fashion vibe atmosphere when you visit their stores and the customer service is great.  You actually  feel like you have walked into a candy store filled with your favorite brands. The walls are covered in polaroid pictures of customers in their new clothes.  The music playing puts you in a shopping vibe and they definitely understand teenage fashion.  You can shop all different styles at Akira including  dresses, accessories, and shoes. The stores are filled with brands such as For Love and Lemmons, Vintage Havana, Unif, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.